Heyo everyone!  Welcome to the brand new Avarice Industries website!  Sorry that it took us so long to get things up and running.  We had to make sure that all of the bugs were shook loose, and we had to refill the minibar.  (Disclaimer: The minibar is for our use only, and is not intended for public consumption.)

But, even with all of the fancy graphics and long pages of text, we’re still not entirely done with the website.  Over the course of playtesting and publishing we’ll be adding even more cool stuff to the site, like an overview of the five corporations, the history of Burning Forest, awesome downloads for your computer, behind-the-scenes news and interviews, and maybe even a forum if you guys want one.

As this is a mutual side project between Lorin and myself, our updates may not be the most frequent.  He has important schooling to take care of, and I have to head out to work every day.  But, we’ll keep you guys as up-to-date on the project as we can, and we’ll add more content when we have time.

So have a look around, relax a little, and enjoy the new website smell.  Ahhhhhh… reminds me of freshly cut bytes.



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