Well hey there, executives!  I’m back from my wonderful “Journey To The South” (TM) and it couldn’t have gone better!  Dragon*Con was a blast, and I was happy to meet some new people and get some new testers to sit down and try the game.

From what I hear, their journey to Burning Forest was a blast!  People really enjoyed the setting, the dice mechanics, and the simplicity and flexibility of the system!  These are all wins for Lorin and I, as we were both certainly concerned with how people would enjoy our game when approaching it for the first time.  Too often have we run this system with friends, and friends usually only say so much.  Complete strangers are usually a little more candid when something sucks. 😀

Of course, in testing anything, some rules and traits exhibited some bugs and glitches.  (I’m looking at you, Astral Walker trait. You and your uncanny ability to create 13-15 successes when our difficulty scale only goes up to 10.  Bad trait!)  Luckily, these issues are happening early enough where we can catch them and re-work them before they get out and cause havoc.  But, the core system is running quite well and seems to be a good amount of fun.  I have my concerns (as does Lorin) but we hope all of this will be shaken out during our playtesting.

SPEAKING OF PLAYTESTING!  You can still sign up to test the game!  Hurry though, as we’re not going to keep our signups open much longer!  Time is dwindling and our playtesting won’t take place forever.  Did we mention that we’ll give you a free PDF version of the game when it comes out if you help us playtest?  (Free swag always brings out the testers.)

Finally, we know that some of you were unable to join us for Dragon*Con.  While we were sad that you couldn’t gather around the table with us and run The Burning Forest Future Expo in the flesh, we don’t want to leave you out of the fun (and mass-murder) that is this module!  We’ll be compiling this very module and giving it away as a free download here on the site at a later date!  This way you’ll not only get to play this pretty fun module, but you’ll also get to have a first hand look at the game with some pre-generated characters and quick start rules before the game comes out!

So that’s all of the excitement that I have for now, but I’ll be back soon with more news, some behind the scenes looks at how the game was made, and some of our concept art!  Until next time!



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