So, @AvariceInd Twitter follower fasckira asked us today if we had a transcript that would show off a typical game of Avarice Industries.  Unfortunately, we didn’t, but we loved the idea!

Below you’ll find an example of a typical scene in Avarice Industries.  The transcript not only goes over a typical gameplay session, but it also demonstrates various elements of the game’s skill check system (The Virtues of Industry), the Motivation system, Advantages and Disadvantages, DREAM Items, and Character Traits.  It’s a little long, but there’s a lot to cover!  We hope you enjoy the read!


Bridget, Nelson, Tasha, and Luke are currently in the middle of a game of Avarice Industries. Bridget, taking on the role of the General Manager (more commonly known as a Storyteller or Game Master), has tasked the Industrialized Industrial player characters (Nelson, Tasha, and Luke) with retrieving a data punch card from the apartment of an Infinity Corporation executive. The punch card was stolen from Industrialized Industrial by Infinity, and the company would like their property back in their hands.

Luke is playing a strong, burly, boxer-turned-bodyguard named Clyde. Tasha is a clever, slightly eccentric thief named Cue. Nelson is currently playing the fast-talking common sense dispenser named Smith. We join their session just as they have located the Infinity executive’s apartment and arrive at her door. Any comments made inside of parenthesis denote that the player is speaking out-of-character. Bridget, due to her role as the GM, is always speaking out-of-character.

Please be aware that this transcription does contain some profanity, and should be considered NSFW.

Bridget (GM): Ok, so, no one has answered the door after you guys have knocked.

Nelson: Oh come on! It’s after 6:30. Who stays this late at the office?

Luke: Well apparently not you, Smith.

Tasha: She doesn’t have to be home for us to take back what’s rightfully ours. (Bridget, I reach into one of the many pockets on my tiered skirt and pull out my auto-pick.)

Luke: (Hah. I still love your “Skirt of Many Pockets.” I also still can’t believe you fit a crowbar in one of those things.)

Tasha: (It’s easy when each pocket is really a pocket dimension. I paid out of my nose for it though.)

Nelson: You know, for once, I’d like to actually do this WITHOUT breaking someone’s knees or shooting a lock off. I mean, I spent all that time last week creating that whole powerpoint presentation about how the three of us could pull off the perfect Honey Pot scam…

Tasha: You know, Smith, I wasn’t snoring during that meeting for fun, right? (Ok, so I’m going to stick the auto-pick into the door and begin working with it to pick the lock.)

Bridget (GM): All right Cue, you got it! I guess you got overruled, Smith.

Nelson: (Yeah yeah yeah… It’s poor Smith’s lot in life.)

Bridget (GM): So, Tasha. As always, you’re attempting to finesse the lock open with your tool, yes?

Tasha: (Of course!)

Bridget (GM): So, if that’s the case, your dice pool for this skill check will be your Greed score and your Envy score. Greed to represent the grace required to pick the lock, Envy to represent the perception you’ll need to feel when you’re on the right track. Greed + Envy.

Tasha: (All right. My Greed is at 4 and my Envy is at 3. My auto-pick also gives me another die for picking locks. That’s 8d8, right?)

Bridget (GM): Yep! Roll them and try to get a 6 or higher.

Tasha: (Looks like I got a 3, 2, 1, 1, 1…)

Luke: (Wow Tash, your roll blows.)

Tasha: (Thanks for noticing! Anyway… there’s also a 8, 6, and 5.)

Bridget (GM): Well you at least got enough successes to cancel out the critical failure 1s, but only because the 8 counts as 2 successes. Right now you have zero successes.

Nelson: (Tash, you could spend a motivation point to increase the 5 to a 6. That way you’ll get a single success.)

Tasha: (I don’t think it’s worth it. A single success probably won’t open the door. I’d rather keep the motivation.)

Bridget (GM): Then, Tasha, you hear the brass auto-pick begin to attempt multiple combinations in the door. The small mechanical pins are doing their best to click the tumblers into place, but you just can’t feel a good place to put it.

Luke: (That’s what she said.)

Bridget: *groans* You just had to get that out of your system.

Luke: (Rubi’s not here. I had to say it in her stay.)

Bridget (GM): Anyway… you pull the auto-pick out because it’s clear that it’s just not working.

Tasha: (I begin looking my pick over, poking at it to make sure nothing’s stuck in it.)

Luke: Cue, take a step back and let a pro show you how to really do it. (I reach my hand into my pocket.)

Nelson: Oh come on! Everyone on this floor is going to hear a gunshot! Do you really want to pay off the police YET AGAIN?

Luke: (I pull out my ballpoint pen.)

Nelson: Oh… well… um… how’s a pen going to help us out?

Luke: (I take the pen and ruthlessly jam it into the lock.)

Bridget (GM): ….really?

Luke: (Really really.)

Bridget (GM): *Starts Laughing* Ok tough guy… Well, you’re jamming a pen into a lock. Use Wrath because it’s a physical action. Use Lust because it stands for all things luck based. And… let me tell you… this is purely luck. Wrath + Lust…

Luke: (I have Wrath 5 and Lust 2. None of my items add dice to this. 7d8.)

Bridget (GM): …and Disadvantage 2.

Luke: (Really?)

Bridget (GM): (You’re sticking a pen into a door and hoping it works. Fuck yes you’re getting a disadvantage.)

Luke: (All right, all right. You make a point. That means two of my d8s turn into d6s… so 2d6 and 5d8 it is.)

*Luke rolls his dice. Nelson and Tasha look at the result and start laughing.*

Bridget (GM): You… have got… to be shitting me.

Luke: (8, 8, 7, 6, 2, 3, 5. Since it’s 2 successes for each 8… that’s 6 successes.)

Nelson: (Even one of the d6s turned up with a success.  Holy shit.)

Bridget (GM): So the door’s difficulty level was 4… you kinda beat that. Cue and Smith… you watch in horror as Clyde takes his pen and jams it straight into the lock with all of his might. In one blow, you hear the lock crack and break from the force of the pen.

Tasha: (Can you pass some of that luck over here?)

Luke: (It’s all in the hands, baby!)

Nelson: (That is, undoubtedly, what she said.)

Bridget (GM): God that phrase is so over used. I’m going to end up in an insane asylum, and you three are going to drive me there.

Luke: (Oh, you don’t need us to help you with that.)

Bridget (GM): ANYWAY. Clyde, the door is, amazingly enough, unlocked.

Luke: (I tip my bowler hat, smile, and open the door for everyone.)

Bridget (GM): So you’re all in this lavishly decorated apartment. The lights automatically turn on as you walk into the room, revealing a set of plush leather couches, gigantic widescreen TV, an equally large aquarium full of fish, and a beautiful view of the Burning Forest skyline. In the distance, you can see the Wildfire Industries HQ glowing against the setting sun.

Luke: Well I’ll be a toothless gear. This place probably costs a pretty penny.

Tasha: Stop gawking and try to find the disk before the bitch gets back. If there’s one thing I agree with Smith on, it’s that I don’t want this job to end up like the last job.

Luke: That was absolutely, one-hundred percent, not my fault. You should have told me that the guys from room service weren’t actually from The Rainman Group. (I reach into my vest pocket and pull out my everlasting cigar and lighter, light up the cigar, and start smoking as I look out the window.) And that’s where I’m leaving that.

Nelson: You never take any of the blame for any of the shit that goes wrong. And for fuck’s sake, you’re smoking right now? Of all of the things you commission from the DREAM Generator, you commission a stupid fucking cigar! People can smell smoke, ya know!

Luke: At least it makes me happy.

Bridget (GM): Gang, everyone make a Envy + Gluttony roll. Envy to perceive your surroundings, Gluttony to gather information.

Luke, Nelson, and Tasha (Simultaneously): Fuck.

*Everyone rolls their dice and reads off their successes.*

Luke: 3 successes.

Tasha: 5 successes.

Nelson: I got a single success.

Bridget (GM): Cue and Clyde, you both hear keys being jangled right outside of the door. It sounds like someone is about to unlock the door and come in.

Luke: (I turn around, deer in the headlights style, and stare at the door. I then quickly survey my surroundings for another room to hide in.)

Tasha: (Same.)

Bridget (GM): There are doorways in the room on the left side and the right side by the windows. You guys are closer to the right hand side.

Tasha: (I run through the right hand side door.)

Luke: (I follow Cue.)

Bridget (GM): Smith, you watch as Cue and Clyde stare at the door and run into the other room. You now hear someone outside too. From where you were in the room, you were closer to the left hand side door.

Nelson: (I curse under my breath, panic, and run into the left hand side room.)

Bridget (GM): Ok then. Smith, you’re in her bedroom. There’s a door leading into a master bathroom, a table and two chairs by the grand window, a dresser, a makeup table, a bed…

Nelson: (I am so diving under that bed and hiding.)

Bridget (GM): Great. That makes you easy enough. Cue and Clyde, you’re in a small hallway. You can go down the hallway into the kitchen, but there’s a semi-open door on your right leading into a large walk-in closet.

Luke: (I think I speak for the both of us when I say we hide in there.) *Tasha nods in agreement.*

Bridget: …are you gonna smoke while still in the closet?

Luke: (Normally I’d say “Fuck yeah!” But I think I should put it out now. I blow out the cigar and put it back into my vest after dropping the ashes onto the finest piece of clothing I can find in the closet.)

Bridget (GM): Glad you’re such a class act.

Luke: (My pleasure!)

Bridget (GM): So you guys hear the door open and a pair of high heels click over the tile in the entry way and into the living room. The footsteps pause for a moment, and you’re sure you distinctly hear someone begin to sniff the air…

Nelson: (Well that didn’t last long.)

Bridget (GM): Then, after a few seconds, you hear a light “Hrm.” And the footsteps enter the bedroom. She begins to casually sing a melody to herself.

*Tasha and Luke let out a sight of relief while Nelson continues to stare at Bridget intently.*

Bridget (GM): Nelson, make me a Greed + Sloth check. Greed to represent your grace and Sloth to represent your resistance of being found. This is going to be a contested check, so you’re going to have to beat her Envy + Gluttony roll. She’s going to get 1 Advantage die because of the cigar smoke. That means that one of her d8s will become a d10 in this next roll. She’s onto you guys, but she’s not entirely sure what’s going on just yet.

Nelson: (And those are my shitty virtues… I only get 5d8 for this one.)

*Nelson and Bridget both roll their dice. Bridget rolls behind her GM screen and Nelson rolls on the table.*

Bridget (GM): Ok Nelson. So, because this is a contested check, I have to declare if my character is using any motivation of her own before you spend yours. After looking at this roll, I’m going to spend 3 motivation points on my roll. What did you get?

Nelson: (I have a 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, and 1. That’s only one success.)

Luke: (You should spend some motivation right now, dude.)

Nelson: (Ok… I still have a bunch… So here’s what I’m going to do. Follow me on this one. Spending one point to raise the 7 to an 8. Spending another point to raise the 5 to a 6 and make that a success. Spending a third point to change the 1 into a 2, so I can cancel out that failure. Finally, I’m spending a 4th point to activate my “Paragon” trait. This allows me to count a pair as an extra success, so the 4s now count as one success. That puts me at… 5 successes.)

Bridget (GM): All right, give me four of your motivation chips. You’re down to 5 motivation.

*Nelson hands Bridget 4 of the poker chips on his character sheet to represent the motivation he spent*

Bridget (GM): So, moment of truth. I’m not going to tell you what she rolled. Instead, let’s talk about what just happened.

*Nelson takes a deep breath.*

Bridget (GM): The Infinity executive walks into the room, singing softly to herself. You recognize the tune as being a sing-songy version of “Hickory Dickory Dock.” She walks over to her dresser and you can hear her picking something up off of it before she sits down right on her bed… right atop of you. Her legs are danging right in front of you.

Nelson: (Oh god… oh god.. oh god…)

Bridget (GM): You hear her begin to brush her hair.

Nelson: (Oh phew.)

Bridget (GM): You then hear her sing, “Hickory, dickory, dock. The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one… and the mouse was done.”

Nelson: (Those aren’t the words…)

Bridget (GM): The last part of her singing wasn’t so… bright and cheerful. It was a little full of malice and hate. You realize now that your brown tie is slightly sticking out from under the bed. She rolled 6 successes against your 5. *Bridget picks up her dice.*

Nelson: (OH GOD.)

Bridget (GM): What’s your armor?

Nelson: My suit is slightly reinforced… it has 2 armor.

Bridget (GM): The bed is giving you a +1 to that, as it provides cover. Your defense is 3 for this roll. She’s rolling her Wrath + Greed. Wrath for strength, Greed for dexterity. *Bridget rolls her dice behind the screen again and chuckles.* You watch as a blade cuts straight through the bed and slices into the floor right in front of your eyes. She just barely, barely missed. Her roll failed.

Nelson: AIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (And Smith wets his pants.)

Bridget (GM): *Starts Laughing* Oh my god… that’s so Smith. Here… take back one motivation point. That was a great reaction.

*Bridget hands Nelson one of his motivation chips back as a reward for his roleplaying*

Luke: (So, in response to Nelson’s girly screams, I’m going to jump out of the closet and dash into the living room to attempt to save him.)

Tasha: (I’m going to follow suit. Our cover is blown. Again. As usual.)

Bridget (GM): You guys burst out of the walk-in closet and right into the living room. As you run in, you can look through the doorway and see the Infinity executive sitting on the bed, staring right at you. One of her blue fingernails has transformed into a long blade and has sliced straight through the bed. Her square-framed glasses are tinted with a slight blue color, and you notice there’s a targeting reticule being displayed on the right lens. She’s pointing a metal hairbrush at you, but you can’t quite say that you’ve seen a hairbrush with a barrel and a trigger before. The barrel is pointed straight at Cue.

Luke: (You know Tasha, I just thought of something interesting at this very moment.)

Tasha: (And what could that possibly be?)

Luke: (What would happen if… let’s say… a weapon of some sort ripped open one of your skirt’s pockets. You know… the pockets with the contained dimensional warps in them.)

*Tasha sits there blankly for a few moments before turning to look at Bridget. Bridget’s expression turns into a wide smile, and she gives Tasha a bit of a sarcastic thumbs up.*

Tasha: Ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….


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