Interested in playtesting Avarice Industries?  No?  Did we mention we’ll put your name in the credits and send you a free .PDF copy of the game?  Yeah, we thought you’d be interested now.  Everybody loves free stuff!

If you’re interested in playtesting, all you need to do is leave a comment here on this very post telling us why you want to be a playtester!  In your comment be sure to include your e-mail address.  It won’t be displayed publicly, but we will be using it to contact you if you’re selected!

Good luck to everyone, and we hope to see you in our testing phases!


13 Responses to Become A Playtester!

  1. cheryl mackey says:

    Really interested in this!

  2. Jay Anderson says:

    I have just started getting into table-top RPGs and I am really looking to expand my horizons when it comes to it. This game’s premise sounds really interesting and I am excited about trying it out and helping to make it a quality release!

  3. Sparthir says:

    The thing is I’m really hankering for something new. This sounds totally interesting and after already being a beta tester for a game I want more. 🙂

  4. Ardua says:

    Just in case the G+ signup wasnt enough.

  5. Al Mair says:

    I used to play Mage: the Awakening and loved it. Loved, loved, loved it. But no longer have the buddies to play with. 🙁

    I’ve longed to see someone turn table-top concepts into a true web-based game, but haven’t found a method that seemed to work. This, on the other hand, may just well be that method. That’s why I want to play. 🙂

  6. I would be interested in playtesting this with my group!

  7. Dustin Ledford says:

    I loved the playtest at Dragon*Con and I definitely want to keep an eye on this game as it develops (though it certainly seems to be well-developed even now!). I’d love to run to try running it for my group.

  8. welshtroll says:

    I’m looking to get back into more Pen and Paper, So would be interested in play testing

  9. I’d love to playtest your game. I have a regular group and have been playing RPGs for 28 years. I love multi-genre games and games that are open to the player’s imagination like this one seems to be.


  10. Scott says:

    Still need playtesters?

  11. Hello, I am Alexander Kramer, interviewer at Nocturnal Blog, a game-focused website. Your Kickstarter campaign and got me curious about the game! If you’d like an interview, or have any news you’d like to share, please contact my Editor in Chief, Matt here:
    Thanks, and good luck!

  12. Ben says:

    I’d love to playtest. I don’t normally play RPG games, but I would like to get started.

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