The first corporation to attain DREAM Technology and the first corporation build a headquarters in Burning Forest, Wildfire Industries are the original corporate trendsetters.  Some know them as the creative visionaries that could re-write the laws of the universe from scratch.  Others know them as the mismanaged corporate monstrosity that gets too much media attention.  Either way, Wildfire Industries is the very reason everyone came to Burning Forest in the first place and started this whole mess.

Before they opened their doors, Burning Forest was a town without a future.  Coal mining, the city’s original primary industry, had left the hills stripped, barren, and lifeless.  Any budding economy student can tell you that when there’s no coal left to mine, mining industries wither and blow away with the wind.  As the mines faded, so too did the people.  More moved away every year seeking new opportunities, leaving the city a distant, faded memory of an industrialized revolution long since stagnated.

But renowned skateboarding legend Delton Wildfire didn’t want to see that happen to his hometown.  Upon his retirement from skating at 23, he took his endorsement money and opened up a small computer programming company in his hometown, and gathered the brightest minds he could find.  No one knew it just yet, but Wildfire Industries was a spark in history, ready to light an inferno of innovation.  Their first achievement, true artificial intelligence, distorted people’s concept of what is real and what is produced.  Their second achievement, DREAM Technology, shattered what little concept remained.

Here in the present, Wildfire Industries has moved beyond their computing roots. The company is now a  massive creative, inventive warehouse that only innovates through DREAM Technology.  Their employees are true, imaginative dreamers who aspire to create whatever delights them the most — a quality that is reflected in many of their products.

But, under all of the whimsy and bright thoughts, Wildfire Industries is an investor’s nightmare.  The company possesses absolutely no recognizable management structure and their policy of shooting for the stars leads the company frequently into debt.  Some brokers have even gone so far to say that their stock line represents a panicked heartbeat.  Yet, every investor knows that when WI hits a stride, they’ll ride it as high as their dreams.  Buy in when Delton is struggling, cash out at his next announcement, and you’ll quickly enter the ranks of the millionaires.

While most new Special Executives find the creative freedom at WI to be a breath of fresh air, seasoned executives will quickly realize that the lack of managerial oversight also means a lack of other possibly important things.  You know… things like comprehensible filing structures, inter-office dating policies, security protocols… safety protocols…

But, hey, at least the DREAM Engineers usually get their projects right the second or third times around!  Besides, that invasion of hyper-intelligent roaches wasn’t so bad to deal with anyway.  Accidents like that actually give character to the place, you know?  Some positive feng shui going on here.


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